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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Boosting residential security


In the comfort of your house is the place where you are supposed to be the most secure. It is an area, no matter how small where you are truly free to be yourself without being judged by anyone. If this freedom seems to be a little bit threatened, then that is an infringement of personal space. This freedom can get threatened in the cases whereby there is a break in into your house. Cases of burglary have been reported in almost every neighborhood. This has been causing concerns among the people living in these areas.

Luckily, there are measures that one can take to mitigate the burglaries. These measures do not have to be a costly venture. Below are ways in which you can secure your property with little to no cost at all:

  • Avoid doors with glasses near the door knobs. Reports indicate that a majority of burglaries have occurred in homesteads that have doors that are made of glass or have glass near the knob. This is because glass is easy to break and then the thief can access the lock and let him or herself in. All doors should be made of solid wood or steel-wrapped. In case you already have such a door, you can opt to reinforce the glass. This should make the glass harder to break.
  • Secure air conditioners. Burglars have been known to access the house through the air conditioner vents. Securing them or closing them off is a sure way to prevent break-ins through those vents.
  • Avoid privacy fences. It is understandable that you want to have privacy in your home. But if you put too many barriers, your house becomes easier to break into. This is because the thief will find hiding places among the fences. You should also prune the fences. This reduces the hiding spaces for any burglar.
  • Good exterior lighting. A well-lit house at night discourages the robbers. This is because they stand a high chance of being identified. You should also invest in the motion sensors.
  • Neighborhood watch. The neighborhood should try and design a form of a neighborhood watch, whereby everyone looks out for the other.
  • Avoid exposing flashy gadgets. Robbers break into a house where they know they are likely going to find something worth their while. In most cases too, they usually do a survey first before the actual break in. As such, you should draw blinds to prevent many people from seeing what you have in your house.

Security begins with you. You have to protect yourself first before you can go and help out your neighbor. Make use of the tips above and you will stand a better chance of not suffering losses through burglaries.

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